I am the son of the late owners of Jade & Chains that was in business in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years.  As a hobby, I have done self-study non-code web design and also photography while caring for parents.   

 My parents retired and closed the store in 2016 and my sister retired and closed her own store also in Jan 2020. Many thanks to the generations of customers who shop at both businesses.

  This is now Joseph's Resume of past volunteer work.  I am retired now, but I wanted to learn the essentials of computer skills for photography and non-code web design if needed at a future date if looking for volunteer work or work at a business part-time at a future date.  

  SPECIAL THANKS to sister and sister-in-law for helping care for parents when needed and other tasks.

  In addition, the customers who supported the non-profit community work for people in need in Northern California. MANY THANKS for donations.

  I want to thank my parents who passed away for everything and I will keep the website up to May 2022  and decide what to do after.

  Many years ago I used to have a Photography website to learn non-code web design in HTML 5.  If you want to look at it.



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